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Lot 2001 artist residence retreat social space Los Angeles Margie Schnibbe Fulcrum Arts

Lot 2001 is a short-term artist retreat located in an industrial neighborhood on the Eastside of Los Angeles. Inspired by artist friends who can no longer afford to live in LA, Lot 2001 provides temporary accommodations for visual artists, writers and performers who have an urgent need.  

Lot 2001 includes lodging in a vintage travel trailer on a secured lot with shared kitchen and bath facilities in the main studio building. The adjacent outdoor space may be used to present large-scale artworks or experimental performance. There is gated parking for vehicles and bicycles; a twenty-four hour bus line that connects to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles is located just one block away.

Curated by multi-disciplinary artist Margie Schnibbe, Lot 2001 seeks to provide multiple levels of support for visual artists, writers and performers with limited financial means. 

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(9 January -7 February 2019)
Lot 2001 is a project of the Fulcrum Arts' Emerge Fiscal Sponsorship Program